Nominator's Personal Information:

  • Name (correct name); date of birth; phone number; whether nominee is a citizen or permanent resident of Trinidad and Tobago; if nominee is not a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, country of citizenship; whether nominee has dual citizenship and in which country.
  • Email address; occupation; home address; business address; whether nominee is the holder of a national award and which award in Gold, Silver, or Bronze; year given; sphere of activity for which award was given.
  • Sphere of activity for which award is being recommended in the current year; number of years involved in sphere of activity; recommended award; whether the nominee was nominated by you in a previous year and in which year.
  • Note that “sphere of activity” refers to the type of activity in which the nominee has made an outstanding contribution, such as gallantry.

Nominator’s Personal Information:

  • Whether the nomination is being made by an individual or organization.
  • If nomination is being made by an individual: nominator’s name, email address, home address, occupation.
  • If nomination is being made by an organization: organization’s name, representative’s name, email address, business address, occupation.


The nominator is required to to write an essay not exceeding 800 words in box provided within the online form. Taking the award criteria into account, make sure you provide clear and specific responses regarding the nomination.

Read the criteria carefully for the category in which you are submitting your nominee: the nominee must clearly meet the requirements identified for the category of award for which he/she is being recommended.  Prepare the nomination to ensure that the nominee meets all of the appropriate award criteria.  

Awards for gallantry recognize the bravery of people, who put themselves in danger to save (or attempt to save) someone’s life.

Guidelines for completion of essay:

  • The incident should have occurred not more than five (5) years ago.
  • Write a detailed description explaining why you are recommending the person.  Give as many details as possible about what happened.  Include: location, date, any emergency or official services that were present.
  • State the facts of the incident.  Describe the nominee’s encounter with the victim.  Was there any risk to life?  Did the nominee save anyone?  Was the victim saved on the nominee’s first attempt?  Did the nominee have to make more than one attempt?  How dangerous was the scene?  Extremely dangerous?  Moderately dangerous?  A little dangerous?  Not dangerous?  Was the nominee injured?  Was the nominee hospitalized as a result?  Did the encounter cause the nominee any personal trauma?